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TFLA Application for Board Positions -  Fall 2021

Application Deadline:  Friday, October 12, 2021

We will have one opening for a position on our board and would like to invite members to either nominate qualified candidates or nominate themselves using the application form. ​



The duties of the office of Vice President are as follows:

● to coordinate membership recruitment
● to serve as the TFLA public relations officer
● to assist the President and the President Elect with Annual Fall Conference facilitations
● to plan and coordinate session and workshop evaluations, with the assistance of the Director of
● to recommend the Best of Texas presenter to the Board at the Executive Board meeting following the
Annual Fall Conference

The duties of the office begin at the end of the Annual Fall Conference (AFC) and will continue through the
January Board meeting following the end of the two-year term of this office.

  1. Attend all TFLA Executive Board meetings.
  2. Serve as Acting President in the absence of the President and the President Elect.
  3. Prepare a calendar of events and deadlines for the office of Vice President.
  4. Serve as Chairperson of the Membership Committee (consisting of the Director of Professional Development and the Regional Coordinators).
    1. a. Management of membership (New, expired, renewal notices...).
    2. b. Promote value of TFLA membership to World Language supervisors and Education Service Centers.
  5. Serve as Chairperson for facilitators and student marshals at the Annual Fall Conference. (The Vice President is aided by the Local Arrangements Committee and its Chairperson.).
    1. a. Create packets for the Facilitators with explicit instructions regarding distribution and collection of session/workshop evaluations.
    2. b. Prepare session and workshop presenter packets for the AFC.
  6. Collect and calculate the evaluations of the sessions and workshops.
  7. Provide evaluation feedback on session to the Executive Board at the Board meeting following the AFC. The Executive Board will select the “Best of Texas” presenter for the spring SWCOLT conference. (Note: This is the responsibility of the outgoing Vice President, although the incoming Vice President may assist the outgoing Vice President with evaluations.) Based on the evaluations, determine the Top Ten sessions.
  8. Send thank you letters to session and workshop presenters along with the session/workshop evaluation immediately following the AFC.
  9. In collaboration with the President Elect and the Director of PD, create a list of potential presenters for the following AFC based on session survey feedback.
  10. At the end of the outgoing Vice President’s term, pass on all records, calendars and pertinent information and supplies to the incoming Vice President immediately following the AFC.
NOTE: All documents, materials and publications created for TFLA by the Vice President become the property of the Texas Foreign Language Association.

Please read the constitution and bylaws on the duties of the Vice President.

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